Group Leaders

God has a part for all of us to play in the church, and Connect Group Leaders come alongside the pastors and staff of POBC to help care for people. 

At POBC, we use a free market approach to Connect Groups. This means we want people to gather together based on the things they enjoy and are important to them. Essentially, the things you are already doing in your life are the things that can make up your Connect Group! 

Free market leaders form their group around their gifts or interests

From sports groups to lunch groups, mom groups to student groups, Bible study groups to creative arts groups, our groups are as varied as we are.

Need an idea of a group? Click the link below to view a list of potential groups to start.





Tutorial Video for Planning Center Online Groups.

This video attempts to explain how PCG works and how Group Leaders can manage their groups.


My Church Center app is the fastest way to join a Connect Group. Available Now!

Planning Center website is the fastest and easiest way to manage your Connect Group.

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